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Interior/exterior solvent-borne stain additive

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SOLV-TINTS are organic solvent-based stain additives consisting of high quality transparent iron oxides pigments.

Ideal for tinting solvent-borne wood coating/finishing products such as “SATINWOOD 28/28 BASE”, “SATINWOOD GLOSS”, “KHUNI SEALER” and “ULTRACARE GOLD” to various shades of brown: Mahogany, Oregon, Golden Brown, Teak, Oak, Dark Oak and. Walnut.

SOLV-TINTS provide non-leachable, UV resistant and long lasting colours that do not hide the wood grain. Excellent UV protection is also afforded when added to clear wood coating/finishing systems. Can therefore be used for interior and exterior applications.

Active Ingredients:     
Transparent iron oxides and organic solvents

Physical Characteristics:     
Appearance     -     Tints of brown
Solubility     -     Soluble in organic solvents
Density @ 20°C     -     0,95 - 1,15 kg/

Use Restriction:     
Only for use with solvent-borne wood coating/finishing products.

Shake contents well before addition. Add to coating/finishing product and mix well before and during use..

Addition Rate:     
36g per (recommended)

Dilution Rates:
Ready for use

Storage temperatures should not exceed 40°C. Keep container sealed

36g, 180g and 900g containers nett

The product is flammable