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Transparent interior/exterior wood stain

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STAIN is a superior organic solvent-based wood stain consisting of high quality transparent iron oxides that do not hide the grain of the timber and impart U.V. protection to timber under exterior conditions.

STAIN is available in eight shades of brown: Mahogany, Walnut, Oregon, Teak, Dark Oak, Imbuia, Kiaat and Golden Brown.

STAIN is particularly suitable for exterior applications, i.e. wooden decks, doors, fences, frames, facias etc. After application, any wood coating such as NUWOOD, SATINWOOD or COLOR-COTE can be used as a final finish.

Active Ingredients:     
Transparent iron oxides and organic solvents

Physical Characteristics:     
Appearance     -     Tints of brown
Solubility     -     Soluble in organic solvents
Density     -     0,85 - 0,9 kg/

Use Restriction:     
Not for use on previously coated timber surfaces. Surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned/stripped from waxy oils or varnish-type coatings.

Brush, spray or dip. Mix contents well before use.

Application Rate:     
3m2 - 6m2 per

Dilution Rates:     
Ready for use

Storage temperatures should not exceed 40°C. Keep container sealed

1, 5 and 25 containers nett

The product is flammable