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Contractors wood stabilizing oil

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KHUNI SEALER is an oil/wax-based penetrating sealer that protects raw (uncoated) wood against water ingress, surface degradation and contamination. The high quality blend of drying oils and water repellent wax components deeply penetrates, stabilizes and nourishes the wood. It therefore acts as a transit stabilizer and protective sealer that prevents excessive checking and splitting of pre-manufactured timbers during transport and storage and also repels waste splashes during building construction.

KHUNI SEALER can also be used as a final finish on wood provided that a second and preferably a third coat is applied 24 hours after applying the first coat. It, however, does not provide protection against fungal and insect attack.

Should a durable, high quality exterior finish be required, it is recommended that SATINWOOD 28/28 Base be applied as a final coat as it contains additional wood stabilizing agents as well as fungicides and insecticides that provide added protection against mould growth, fungal staining and insect attack. KHUNI SEALER dries to a clear matt finish. Also available in shades of brown: Mahogany, Golden Brown and Dark Teak.

Active Ingredients:  
Drying oils, Waxes and Iron oxides in organic solvent carrier

Physical Characteristics:     
Appearance     -     Transparent amber colour and/or tints of brown
Solubility     -     Solvent borne
Density @ 20°C     -     ± 0,79 – 0,89 kg/

Use Restriction:     
Not to be used on previously coated timber surfaces. Remove old
coatings and sand surface before application.

Brush, spray or dip. MIX WELL BEFORE USE.

Application Rate:     
5m2 - 10m2 per per coat. If used as a final finish, apply a second coat and preferably a third coat 24 hours after applying the first coat.

Dilution Rates:     
Ready for use. DO NOT DILUTE.

Storage temperatures should not exceed 40°C. Keep container sealed.

1, 5, 20, 25 and 200 containers.

Caution:     The product is flammable. Avoid open flames.