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Cote Strip


Chemical Stripper for removing old paint and varnish-type coatings from wood and metal

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COTE-STRIP is a ready-for-use product that chemically strips old paint and varnish layers from previously coated wood and metal surfaces.INDEG is not a paint or varnish remover. Any coating must be removed with a paint stripper before application of INDEG.

COTE-STRIP is ideal for removing old paint and varnish-type coatings from wooden products such as doors, window frames, floors, decks, furniture, etc. as well as from metal surfaces.

Active Ingredients:     
Dichloromethane, solvents and alcohols.

Physical Characteristics:     
Appearance     -     Viscous transparent liquid
Odour     -     Ether-like
Solubility     -     Soluble in alcohol
Density           ± 1,18 kg/

Use Restriction:     
For industrial and household use.

Apply a thick coat of COTE-STRIP to completely cover a relatively small area at a time. Leave for 3 to 5 minutes. Do not allow to dry out. Use a scraper or soft steel brush to remove varnish or paint and thoroughly wash surface with clean water.

Application Rate:     
± 1 to 2 m²/

Dilution Rates:     
Ready-for-use. Do not dilute.

Store in cool, dark place away from open flames. Keep container tightly closed.

1, 5 and 25 containers nett.

Caution:     Flammable. Keep away from open flames. Toxic. Avoid ingestion. Handle with care. Highly irritating to eyes and skin. Wash thoroughly with soap and water. Avoid inhalation of vapours. Wear suitable protective clothing. (Please consult label for details) Keep out of reach of children, uninformed persons and animals.