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Timbrite RFU


Cleaning agent for removal of fungal stains and discolouration from wood

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TIMBRITE RFU is a ready-for-use product, specially formulated to disinfect and clean timber from fungal stains caused by mould fungi and to remove discolouration caused by exposure to sunlight and the elements. Also removes dirt and grime.

TIMBRITE RFU is not a paint or varnish remover. Any coating must be removed with a paint stripper before application of TIMBRITE RFU.

TIMBRITE RFU is ideal for cleaning any timber that has been discoloured by mould or stain fungi, e.g. bottom parts of doors, neglected outdoor furniture, etc.

Active Ingredients:
Bleaching agents and surfactants
Physical Characteristics:     
Appearance     -     Yellowish liquid
Solubility     -     Soluble in water
Density     -     ± 1,08 kg/

Use Restriction:     
For industrial use and household use.

Apply liberally onto wood surface, brush in thoroughly, leave for ± 5 to 10 minutes and wash with clean water.

Application Rate:     
3 to 6 m²/

Dilution Rates:     
Ready-for-use. Do not dilute.

Store in cool dark place away from any strong oxidants and acids. Keep container tightly closed.

1, 5, 25 and 200 containers nett.
Handle with care (alkaline solution). Irritating to eyes and skin. Wash with plenty of water. Bleaches colours from clothes.
Note:     Active ingredients are rapidly broken down to harmless substances after use.