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CTX 108


Insecticidal and fungicidal surgace treatment for seasoned timber

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CTX 108 is a ready-for-use organic solvent-based solution containing specifically blended insecticidal and fungicidal active ingredients that provides a colourless surface treatment for protection of seasoned timber against wood borer and termite attack as well as discolouring fungi and mould growth.

CTX 108 contains a high level of insecticide to provide long term protection and also to control and eradicate wood boring insects in infested timber. On application, the organic solvent provides a degree of penetration of the active ingredients into the wood structure and ensures rapid drying on the treated surfaces. After drying, any coating/finish can be applied on the treated wood surface.

Active Ingredients:
Synthetic pyrethroid and organosulphur compound.

Physical Characteristics:     
Appearance     -     Yellowish-brown transparent liquid
Solubility     -     Aromatic solvents
Density     -     ± 0,88
Flammability     -     Highly flammable

Use Restriction:     
Only to be used and applied in accordance with label warnings, precautions and directions for use.

Apply to clean, dry timber surfaces before application of a final wood coating/finish. Ensure that all surfaces are thoroughly covered by using either brush-on, dip or spray application methods.

Application Rate:     
±4 - 8m²/, depending on surface smoothness

Dilution Rates:     
Ready for use. Do not dilute CTX 108

Store in closed containers at temperatures below 40°C.

1, 5, 20, 25 containers and 200 steel drums

Caution:     Caution: Poisonous. Avoid ingestion, skin contact and prolonged inhalation of vapours. Thoroughly wash hands and contaminated skin with soap and water after use. Highly flammable. Avoid open flames.